Abuse: An International Impact Journal

is committed to ensuring best practice in maintaining ethics, at all stages of the publication process. The Editorial Board is committed to the process of peer review and publishing work that can be trusted by the readership. We endorse the following core guidelines:
  • To promote and uphold the high standards expected for scholarly work with regards to content, design and writing style.
  • To be fair and transparent in the process of review and in contact with authors.
  • To protect the process of blind review.
  • To be objective and respectful in our consideration of scholarly work.
  • To reserve our right to decline consideration of work that does not fit with the journal scope or expectations.
  • To reject papers where there is evidence of a simultaneous submission.
  • To consider all submissions based on scholarly merit.
  • To decline submissions, at any point in the process of publication, where there appears undeclared commercial influence or other conflict of interest.
  • To decline submissions and/or remove any accepted publications where there is evidence of plagiarism and/or misrepresentation, including in authorship.
  • To monitor the quality and spirit of reviews and those contributing to the Editorial Board, to ensure that standards, ethical practice and dignity in communication is maintained.
  • To deal with cases of alleged publication misconduct promptly, fairly, respectfully but robustly. Alleged publication misconduct applies to submitted and published papers, including those in the typesetting and proof stage.

We expect the following of our reviewers and Associate Editors:
To alert the Editor(s)-in-Chief to:

  • Actual or perceived plagiarism and/or incorrect citation of the work of others and/or data-faking or manipulation.
  • Actual or perceived conflicts of interest they may have with the authors, research topic, or funding source connected to submitted papers.
  • Assist the Editor(s)-in-Chief with any review of academic conduct issues.
  • To maintain the anonymity of authors and reviewers through the publication process, with author name(s) only revealed via publication.
  • To provide clear recommendations concerning whether a paper should be rejected, revised or accepted. This will include the provision of comments as they apply to the recommendation.
  • To delete papers they are asked to review and not to disseminate beyond the review team process.
  • To expedite the review process, wherever possible, so that authors receive timely feedback on their scholarly work.

We expect our authors to confirm:

  • Their manuscript has not been submitted for consideration in another journal simultaneously.
  • Permission has been obtained for use of any copyrighted material from any other sources.
  • That they have written the paper.
  • That the authorship indicated, and order of names as appropriate, reflects the relative contribution of author(s) to the writing of the paper.
  • That all cited authors know of the paper submission and have agreed to the submission and author order.
  • That any appropriate permissions from the workplace and/or those supporting or funding the research have been obtained, as relevant and/or appropriate.
  • That the work is their own contribution and does not draw on the work of others without due reference (i.e. an absence of plagiarism).
  • That they have not self-plagiarised or cited their own work without a scholarly justification. We would expect authors to cite their own work if relevant to the study and when there are not alternative citations of equal contribution.
  • That if they have used portions from work they have previously published, that this is correctly cited and, if relevant, permission from the publisher of that work is obtained.
  • If there are any conflicts of interest, which include that connected to research funders/collaborators, authors must also confirm there are no political interests inherent in their study.
  • That ethical guidelines have been adhered to and ethics have been obtained as relevant to the study, which includes relevant site approvals, as appropriate.
  • Confirm data accuracy and be willing to provide access to the data for verification purposes, should a reviewer request this and the Editor-in-Chief(s) considers it a reasonable request.

We expect our authors to further:

  • Advise the Editor-in-Chief if a substantial inaccuracy has been detected following publication and to assist with the correction and/or management of their error, which could include paper retraction.
  • Accept that their paper will be indexed and made available through services, such as Google Scholar.
  • Accept that potential readers will purchase a download of their work.
  • Accept that the journal will provide free copies of their paper through promotional events and/or under special arrangements designed to promote their work and that of the journal.
  • Purchase article downloads

Each article is £18, unless otherwise stated e.g. Sale Price/Free.

Each issue is £75, unless otherwise stated e.g. Sale Price/Free.

Once payment is processed, payment is final and refunds are not granted.

Any download is considered for your own personal use and cannot be disseminated beyond this use. If you wish to seek permission to use the download more widely, such as dissemination at a conference, workshop or on a course, please email editoraj@threequayspublishing. We reserve the right to charge for each unauthorised dissemination of downloaded articles.