Authors: Various



Full Issue: Vol 1, Issue 2, October 2020.




Conducting remote psychological assessments for vulnerable adult clients

in family proceedings: Evidence-based practice considerations for complex


Leanne Horrocks, LMH Clinical Services, Suffolk, UK; Jane L. Ireland, School

of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire, UK and Ashworth Research Centre,

Mersey Care NHS Trust, Liverpool, UK.

The Epidemic in a Pandemic: Initial perspectives of the impact of

coronavirus upon domestic abuse in the United Kingdom

Colin Rogers and Daniel Welch, Faculty of Life Sciences & Education, University of

South Wales, UK.

How #MeToo may ignite reform in Australian sexual assault laws: A legal


Lisa G. Coates, Centre for Law & Justice, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW,


Generation Rx: A Preliminary Study of College Students and Prescription

Drug Abuse

Sami Abdel-Salam; Mary Brewster; Michele B. Bratina; Katie Bradley, Department

of Criminal Justice, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA; Julie Perone,

Counseling and Psychological Services, West Chester University of Pennsylvania,


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their relationship to BMI in

a developmental disorder adolescent population

Deborah Morris, Academic Centre & Research Centre, St Andrew’s Healthcare;

Elanor Lucy Webb, Research Centre, St Andrew?s Healthcare; Karolos Dionelis,

Academic Centre, St Andrew’s Healthcare; Emma Parmar, Child and Adolescence

Mental Health Service, St Andrew’s Healthcare; Paul Wallang, Research Centre,

St Andrew’s Healthcare, England, UK.

From evil to live: A case study on a woman?s journey through EMDR

for severe trauma

Phyllis Annesley, Laura Longdon and Stephanie Hinchliffe, Clinical and Forensic

Psychology Service, Rampton Hospital, Nottinghamshire, UK.