Authors: Various



Full Issue: Vol, 2, Issue 1, April 2021.

Using behavioural manifestations of dynamic risk factors to assess change in
incarcerated sexual offenders
Tamara Sweller, Corrective Services New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Stuart Thomas,
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and Michael Daffern, Swinburne
University of Technology, Melbourne and Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
(Forensicare), Australia. 

Previously Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits: Characteristics of Kits with
Victims under Eighteen
Heather C. Melton and Summer Stewart – University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah,

A ticking time bomb of future harm: Lockdown, child abuse and future
Anthony Ellis, Salford University, UK; Daniel Briggs, Universidad Europea de
Madrid, Spain; Anthony Lloyd, Teesside University, UK and Luke Telford, Staffordshire
University, UK. 

Abuse by the Powerful? Exploring the role of media narratives and political
discourse in the immigration-crime nexus
Philip Birch, Charles Sturt University, Australia. 

Comparative Analysis of Empathy Traits Differences in Males and Females
T. Michelle Encalada, Florida International University, USA. 

Examining the prevalence of complex PTSD in an inpatient DBT service for
females with a primary diagnosis of EUPD
Deborah Morris, Elanor Lucy Webb, Emily Fox, Jessica Holmes, Katharine Reynolds,
Michele Head, St Andrew’s Healthcare, UK; Amy Lunn, St Andrew’s Healthcare and
Oxford Health NHS Trust, UK; Rachel Canterbury, Peter McAllister, Karolos Dionelis
and Sanjith Kamath, St Andrew’s Healthcare, UK.