Authors: Philip Birch, Centre for Law & Justice, Charles Sturt University, Australia.



This paper considers the role of media narratives and political discourse in the immigration-crime nexus by exploring, as a case study, the recent experience of the South Sudanese community in Australia. Over recent years this cohort of relatively new arrivals have been subjected to a raft of negative media coverage and political commentary. This paper deliberates on the narrative surrounding this African community group and their subsequent portrayal, and considers if it is both legitimate and accurate. At a time when many Australians see the benefits of immigration, this paper examines the role the media and politics plays in undermining this community sentiment, reflecting a level of abuse by the most powerful in society towards some of the least powerful.

Keywords: Crimes of the powerful; Crime; Immigration; Media; Politics; South Sudanese.

Vol 2, Issue 1, April 2021