Authors: Lara G. Carroll, Centre for Law & Justice, Charles Sturt University, Australia and Philip Birch, School of International Studies & Education, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.



This article presents a component of analysis undertaken as part of a larger study that examined how incarcerated parents reconnect with their children upon release from prison. In this paper children’s experience of that process are presented. Using a Rapid Evidence Assessment framework, themes yielded from the analysis centred on: (1) the formal and informal support available to children who experience separation from one or both parents who are in prison, (2) the long-term effects absent parents have on children’s lives, and (3) exploring the experience children have once a parent is released from prison. The paper concludes by reflecting on throughcare and resettlement processes that children are faced with following parental incarceration.

Keywords: Throughcare, Resettlement, Prisons, Children, Ex-Offenders, Reconnection

Vol 3, Issue 1, April 2022